On the following pages is a collection of articles scanned from fan scrapbooks. Some of the articles are factual while some are pure hype! See if you can find the errors in the stories & the writing that only a true fan would know...

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Bricks & Brecks A Home Do Make! 1966

from Terribird's Scrapbook

Peter Breck Takes a Busman's Holiday 1959

from Blondie's scrapbook 


A Man of Action

1966 TV Star Annual

Assorted Articles 

from palerider's scrapbook 


  Snippets & Small Clippings 

"Big Valley Scoop: Drug Addicts Taught Me How to Live"

1968 TV Mirror Magazine

From Opalgirl's scrapbook

"Black Saddle"

"Now you know why he must keep his first wife!"



"Death Was Following Us!"

3 articles from Terribird's scrapbook

The famous TV Guide Article

"How to Survive on Ketchup Soup"

From Terribird's collection


Magazine Pics of Peter

From Mizmoo's collection


Who was Peter feuding with on the set?

TV Star Annual Vol. 21  

TV Star Annual 1960