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Who are we? We are a collection of Peter Breck/Big Valley fans, Russell Johnson fans, western film historians and fans of the western genre.  Our common thread is that we love this show! We come from all walks of life: teachers, lawyers, writers, etc. We have fun researching, writing and constructing this site. Our sincerest hope is someday the show will be out on a commercially released dvd!

Please tell us what you think about the Black Saddle website. Any constructive criticism is welcome but derogatory comments will be shot down.  Please don't spoil our fun! 

If you provide us with your contact information, we can reach you in case we have of any questions. If you would like to contribute to the site please contact us. We are always interested in new information about the show and the people involved in making this classic western series!


Website Contributors:

Blondie (Holly Green) & Mizmoo (Attny. Nancy Ignazi) Webmistresses

Cyn 44 (Cynthia Smith)

1262 Mac


Opal Girl


Surprised by joy

Barkley 07

Valley Cyn Ann

Mags Cartwright



Special Thanks:

Anna Lisa Ruud aka (Nora Travers) for participating in this website! Thank you so much Anna for your faith!

  • Linda, Katlynn & Joyce: The Big Valley Discussion/Writing Desk & Yahoo Groups. Thank You for understanding our Big Valley/Black Saddle "Hobby!"
  • Doug Abbott for those wonderful photos in Nora's Tintypes Section. 
  • IMDB biographer’s for donating their star "write-ups."
  • "Tuco benito juan maria ramirez"- provides the gold, moral support & a place for Blondie to hang her hat. 


Most of All! 

Thank you Peter Breck, Russell Johnson and Anna Lisa for a wonderful series!